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Why are you renovating the library?
The current library was built in 1995 but the building plans were from the late 1980s. During the last 24 years, minimal updates have been made. As time has gone on, the needs of the community have changed. The renovation is a way to keep up-to-date with these changing needs.

How will the renovation be paid for?
The library will not be seeking additional funds from the community. That means no tax increase or referendum. All the money will come from funds that the library board has saved over the last few years. The cost is estimated at approximately $1 million dollars. The library also is receiving $50k from the State of Illinois Live and Learn Grant.

What will the renovation offer the community?
The renovation is going to redesign the current footprint of the building. No new additions or floors will be added. Instead the floor plan will be reworked to create a modern space that fits the needs of the community. This will include a quiet reading room, additional study rooms on both levels, a program room on the main level, an eating area, updated bathrooms, a YS activity room, and updated service areas. See more here. 

Who is doing the work?
The library is working with Williams Architects on the design of the building. Shales McNutt Construction has been hired as the construction manager. A construction team has not been hired yet. (For information about library bids, please go to

When will the renovation happen?
We anticipate construction to begin in September 2019 and end in February 2020. We will be updating this page as well as our other communication channels as we have more information.

Will the library close during the renovation?
We intend to keep to regular hours as much as possible. Certain sections of the library will be unavailable throughout the process. For instance, during Phase 1 the lower level (including the Youth Services Department, Teen Room, Austin Room, etc.) will be inaccessible to staff and the public. During Phase 2, the main level (including the Patron Services Desk, Adult Services Department, etc.) will be inaccessible to staff and the public. Based on the recommendations of our Construction Manager, we may have to close for a day here and there to help expedite the renovation. At this time, we don’t have specific dates, but will give the public as much notice as possible. 

 When will the lower level be finished? When will the main level be closed off?
The lower level will be reopened when construction is done. We don’t have an exact date but are anticipating this will happen in November or December.

How Can I Stay Up-to-Date on the Renovation?
Keep checking the renovation website at Also be sure to like the library’s Facebook or sign up for our e-newsletter

Is it going to be noisy during the renovation?
It certainly might be. Construction can be noisy. We are also going to have limited space for everyone we serve. That means babies, kids, tweens, teens, and adults will be sharing the space. This may make things inconvenient for a little while. If you would like referrals to other libraries to visit during our renovation, please let us know. We can help you find one that might fit your needs. We appreciate your patience during this time. We know it’s going to be worth it!

More questions? Let us know! Email us at